Photo Gallery of GP-write Meeting 2018

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GP-write Scientific Working Meeting was held at the Joseph P Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

Since the May, 2017 meeting, the following nine working groups have been working hard on their charters, roadmaps and white papers and the Scientific Executive Committee has identified the first lead project for GP-write which was discussed at the May meeting.

  • Scientific Executive Committee
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Advisory Board/Policy
  • Technology and Infrastructure Development
  • High Performance Computing and Data Infrastructure
  • Safety Engineering
  • Standards, Quality Control and Reporting
  • Intellectual Property
  • Communications and Public Outreach
  • Education

The aim of the meeting was to further advance the goals of GP-write, which are to understand the blueprint of life, to reduce the cost of engineering and testing large genomes in cell lines, and to develop new tools and technologies for engineering biology. This was a Scientific Working Meeting where each of the working groups reported on their progress, and break-out sessions were held to discuss areas of overlap between groups and enable open discussion and synergy.

The meeting concluded with an evening reception.

A press briefing was also held after the meeting to summarize proceedings and next steps for the project.

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