Cultured Colonies lab space opening in NYC

Revolutionizing the Life Sciences Landscape: Cultured Colonies Unveils Affordable Lab Spaces in NYC

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In the ever-evolving realm of life sciences, New York Metro has long been a hub for innovation and research. However, as the sector flourished, a significant challenge arose – the soaring costs and stringent leasing requirements for lab spaces, leaving many promising startups in the lurch.

Enter Cultured Colonies, a trailblazing venture that has redefined the paradigm of life science facilities. Recognizing the need for affordable laboratory spaces, they have pioneered a cost-effective model that empowers Seed Stage to Series B companies. The brainchild of Vishaal B. Bhuyan, Co-Founder & CEO of Aanika Biosciences, Cultured Colonies was born out of the necessity for accessible lab spaces.

Affordable Innovation in the Heart of Brooklyn

Aanika Biosciences initially embarked on its journey by constructing a small Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) lab at Industry City in Brooklyn in 2018. Over the past 18 months and amidst a global pandemic, they expanded their footprint to 27,000 square feet, creating a cutting-edge BSL2 space with CGMP biomanufacturing, private breakout rooms, and a fully equipped microbiology lab.

Rather than limiting the space to their own needs, Aanika Biosciences, in collaboration with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Industry City, birthed Cultured Colonies. This co-working space operates on a per-bench rental model and is designed to empower companies in the Seed Stage to Series B, providing them with the necessary infrastructure and support to scale and commercialize their products.

Cultured Colonies Lab space in NYC - NJKA

Strategic Innovations for Sustainable Growth

Cultured Colonies stands out not only for its affordability but also for its strategic approach to life science real estate development. Here are the key pillars of their innovative model:

  • Strategic Location: Choosing affordable locations in proximity to vital resources.
  • Specialized Spaces: Designing custom spaces tailored for industrial bio, food/ag bio, and therapeutic research.
  • Equipment Optimization: Purchasing and refurbishing equipment based on actual needs, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Modular Design: Implementing flexibility with modular construction to adapt to evolving needs.
  • Collaboration and Resource Sharing: Fostering collaboration and sharing resources with neighboring entities to create a synergistic environment.
  • Adaptive Reuse: Repurposing existing buildings for bio-tech purposes, contributing to sustainable development.
  • Energy Efficiency: Prioritizing sustainable practices for long-term cost savings and environmental impact.

The Future Unveiled: Cultured Colonies Lab Opened on December 7th, 2023

Cultured Colonies launched its revolutionary lab space on December 7th, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward democratizing access to cutting-edge life science facilities. As they continue to construct compact and cost-effective lab spaces, the need for collaborative partnerships and support in facilitating operations and expansion becomes increasingly crucial.

Join the Movement: Reach Out to NJK+A

If you believe that Cultured Colonies’ innovative approach aligns with the needs of your team or company, Nancy J Kelley + Associates (NJK+A) actively participates on the advisory board and welcomes collaboration. Together, we can reshape the future of life sciences, making it more accessible, collaborative, and conducive to groundbreaking discoveries.

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