SC2.0 / Synthetic Genomes Conference

    • Conference Planning and Launch
    • Development of Budget and Detailed Workplan
    • Recruitment of Speakers and Special Guests
    • Recruitment of Sponsors
    • Marketing and Social Media
    • Development/Management of Conference Website, Registration System, and Interactive Community
    • Oversight of Conference Venue
    • Coordination with Media
    • Management of On-site Operations
“The 2015 Sc2.0 conference was the biggest and the best meeting to date. Nancy J Kelley + Associates took the event to an entirely new level of professionalism and prominence, attracting nearly 200 scientists from over 8 countries and numerous new sponsors.”Jef D. Boeke, PhD; Director, Institute for Systems Genetics, New York Langone Health


Following his move to NYU, Sc2.0 scientific leader Jef Boeke wanted to produce an expanded event that would showcase the growth of the synthetic genomes research efforts. With little time to plan, Boeke and his NYU team were not positioned well for success.


NJK+A assembled a team that met weekly to plan the conference in less than five months. Conference leadership included development of a budget and detailed workplan, recruitment of speakers and special guests, recruitment of sponsors, development and management of conference website, registration system, and interactive community, management of marketing and social media, oversight of conference venue (New York Genome Center), coordination with media, and all on-site operations for conference.


Conference, which attracted 200 attendees from over eight countries, was deemed to be a huge success by attendees, organizers, and host venue representatives and was featured in several scientific publications like Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News as well as popular media like The New York Times and Fast Company. Operating budget of $70K was managed effectively, resulting in a profit of $10K (15%+).


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