Kyttaro Therapeutics case study by NJKA
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    • Competitive Analysis
    • Financial Analysis
    • Strategic Planning + Operational Scale-up
    • Capital Requirements + Investment Funding
    • Technology Evaluation
    • Structuring Strategic Alliances
    • Organization Launch
    • Organizational Design + Governance
    • Branding + Communications Strategy
    • Complex Business Negotiations


15 years of global research by Apceth Biopharma had resulted in an extensive patent portfolio of 61 patents for four families of modified Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) with applications for a variety of diseases such as Graft vs Host Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Lung Diseases, Glioblastoma, and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

In 2019, Apceth sold its cell manufacturing operations to Hitachi Chemical for $90 million and transferred its patent portfolio of MSC’s to Junctucell, a German company founded by one of the scientific officers of Apceth. Junctucell wished to obtain investment that would allow continued research into its MSCs and commercialization of the technology through clinical trials.


Nancy J Kelley + Associates (NJK+A) conducted an extensive technology evaluation and due diligence on the patent portfolio and brought in business partners to form a US Delaware corporation named Kyttaro Therapeutics with exclusive rights to the patent portfolio of Junctucell, together with all know how.

Kyttaro Therapeutics is a development-stage platform technology company focused on clinical applications of MSC Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (MSC-AAT), MSC Cytokines (MSC-Cyt) and MSC-Klotho, for treatment of diseases with a high, unmet clinical need and orphan drug status.

NJK+A then formed a Scientific Advisory Board and created partnerships with a global clinical research organization for clinical trials management, and clinical partners from high quality US universities, thereby positioning the company for fundraising.


Kyttaro is poised to commence clinical trials in Europe and the US for GvHD, Long COVID and Diabetes applications. The Company is now seeking clinical partners and investment.

Since 2007, Kyttaro has developed a robust patent portfolio across three varieties of mesenchymal stem cells:

Kyttaro Therapeutics achievements to date

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