Thought Leadership Program

    • Market Research + Assessment
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Branding + Communication Strategy
    • Community Engagement
    • Symposium Concept Development
    • Agenda Development, with Supporting Content/ Media Plan
    • Event Management
    • Recruitment of Speakers and Special Guests

“What makes Ennead tick is the belief that architecture is not only a technical enterprise, and not only an aesthetic enterprise, but also a humanistic enterprise. If we do our jobs well, we can make the world be a better place.” Don Weinreich, FAIA, LEED AP, Ennead Partner


In 2019, life science real estate development was a strong and growing market. Ennead architects wished to establish a thought leadership position in life sciences in order to break into that market. Furthermore, Ennead Architects had a deep portfolio in design for academic science and technology projects and wished to break into the commercial market for life science developments, especially in New York City with the concept of vertical laboratory planning in the high-rise marketplace.


Phase 1:
NJK+A worked with Ennead’s marketing professionals and practice leaders to evaluate Ennead’s marketing approach and materials, aligning its strengths and unique attributes to the latest trends in technology, science and medicine.

NJK+A conducted a seminar for Ennead’s marketing and design professionals on the latest trends in technology, life science and healthcare, to shape Ennead’s unique perspective, with a goal of identifying those innovative trends and topics that will influence the science and healthcare industries and Ennead’s clients.

NJK+A facilitated a strategic planning session with Ennead’s marketing professionals and practice leaders to define a Thought Leadership Program.  This included identifying the program content, Ennead projects, and technologies to be highlighted in such a Thought Leadership Program. The session focused on the questions clients are asking and the knowledge they are interested in.  It defined the mechanisms of a Thought Leadership Program, such as quarterly events with interesting industry speakers to begin in 2019 and an editorial calendar for online/printed content to supplement the event calendar.

NJK+A delivered the agreed upon Thought Leadership Program to Ennead, as a finished product.

Phase II:
NJK+A worked with Ennead’s marketing professionals and practice leaders to plan and execute a Symposium entitled, “Creating the Urban Life Science Hub of the Future,” with supporting content and a media plan.  Invitees included current and prospective clients, developers, building owners, financial institutions, engineers and design professionals, as well as scientific and academic leaders across New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Toronto.



NJK+A designed a Thought Leadership Program that would tap into the talent, experience and passion inside Ennead to address the biggest questions and topics of interest to Ennead’s medical and life science clients, potential customers and target market. The Thought Leadership Program was designed to differentiate Ennead by establishing the firm as an authority on the latest developments in technology, science and healthcare, with a unique perspective on how this affects the built environment. The program enabled Ennead to become part of a conversation early and allow potential clients to get to know the firm. This ensured that Ennead naturally sits top of mind when a client is considering a potential new project in science and healthcare needing new technological/workplace/healing approaches.

The Ennead Symposium, “Creating the Urban Life Science Hub of the Future” was highly successful, attracting nearly 100 attendees and generating thoughtful questions and dialougue. The event was videotaped allowing Ennead to share with a wider audience. A White Paper was prepared and distributed on the day of the Symposium, establishing Ennead as a Thought Leader in the field.

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