"We think it can be more than a regular incubator but a place you can get lab space, swap ideas, handholding with regulatory approvals, help with manufacturing and scaling your product and raise capital..."Vishaal B. Bhuyan
    • Market Research + Assessment
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Financial Analysis
    • Strategic Planning + Operational Scale-up
    • Capital Requirements + Investment Funding
    • Technology Evaluation
    • Structuring Strategic Alliances
    • Organization Launch
    • Organizational Design + Governance
    • Branding + Communications Strategy
    • Complex Business Negotiations


After dedicating years to cultivating a robust life science cluster in the New York Metro area, the local life sciences marketplace has witnessed substantial growth. However, these life science centers require sizable minimum footprints, lengthy 10-year leases, and high rental rates, which are not accessible to many start-up companies in life sciences.

Cultured Colonies has developed an affordable laboratory facility with Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) lab spaces constructed at a cost 10 times lower than the market average. They have successfully developed a fully equipped lab space tailored for Seed Stage to Series B companies, all priced at less than $75 per square foot.

Cultured Colonies was born from the need for affordable lab space for Aanika Biosciences. Vishaal B. Bhuyan, Co-Founder & CEO of Aanika Biosciences and his team needed to focus on getting to market quickly after raising venture funding. They initially built their own small BSL at Industry City in Brooklyn back in 2018 with standard equipment. Over the pandemic and the past 18 months they decided to take out 27, 000 square feet at Industry City.

With the help of the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Industry City, they fitted out a large BSL 2 space for considerably less than other lab spaces are being built at around the city.  This new space has CGMP biomanufacturing, private breakout rooms, and a fully equipped microbiology lab that's around 10, 000 square feet.

Since Aanika didn’t take up all of the space, a co working space was launched – Cultured Colonies. This additional space is being rented out on a per bench model with services designed  to help companies scale and commercialize their product.

Cultured Colonies is looking to fill a gap in synthetic biology where lab space, support and infrastructure come together for venture backed companies that are starting up and growing quite fast.

This lab opened on December 7th 2023.  As Cultured Colonies constructs more compact and cost-effective lab spaces, assistance is needed to facilitate operations and support expansion.


Nancy J Kelley + Associates (NJK+A) actively participates on the advisory board to enhance their achievements in fostering affordable life science real estate development within the New York Metropolitan area and support expansion. Culture Colonies' cost-effective approach to building outside traditional bio-tech hubs involves:

  • Strategic Location:
    Choose affordable locations with proximity to resources.
  • Specialized Spaces:
    Design custom spaces for industrial bio, food/ag bio, and therapeutic research.
  • Equipment Optimization:
    Purchase and refurbish equipment based on actual needs.
  • Modular Design:
    Implement flexibility with modular construction.
  • Collaboration and Resource Sharing:
    Foster collaboration and share resources with neighboring entities.
  • Adaptive Reuse:
    Repurpose existing buildings for bio-tech purposes.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    Prioritize sustainable practices for long-term cost savings.

If you believe this approach could be advantageous for your team in your specific location, please reach out to the NJK+A team.

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