Builds Bio+: From Individual Potential to Collective Success

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From its inception, Builds Bio+ has played a pivotal role in shaping New York City’s landscape into a hub for the life sciences industry. Initially, our mission was to bridge the gap between the life sciences and real estate sectors, fostering the development of essential commercial lab space in order to retain the innovative startups emerging from the city’s research institutions. 

And we achieved this. 

Dr. Stephen Grupp closing keynote

In just the first three years, through collaborative efforts with city and state governments and private developers, more than three and a half million square feet of commercial life sciences space was built, contributing to the thriving industry we see today. These initial efforts were detailed in our recent blog, “From Vision to Vanguard: Charting the Rise of NYC into a Global Life Sciences Hub.” 

We did not stop there. As we watched these commercial spaces fill with innovative companies and brilliant minds, we realized the potential to broaden our impact. Our focus first expanded to include the entire New York metro area—home to the world’s largest life sciences economy—and was then extended to include Philadelphia, renowned for its advancements in cell and gene therapy. 

Highlighting the NYC Regional Innovation Hub

Today, Builds Bio’s embraces an even broader vision. We aim to unify the entire life sciences ecosystem in the markets we serve, including academic institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, service and instrumentation providers, building owners, developers, and engineering and design professionals. This collaborative approach will help to discover synergies that enhance our collective potential and drive innovation across the industry – and across nations. 

Our latest initiative involves forging ties with London, another major academic and life sciences hub that has many similarities with New York. This connection is set to elevate our mission further, fostering transatlantic collaborations that could redefine the possibilities of what we can achieve together in the life sciences.

London Study Tour reception at SC1

As Builds Bio+ continues to evolve, our commitment remains steadfast—not merely to expand but to enrich the life sciences ecosystem. By supporting the development of specialized facilities and fostering industry connections, we help convert individual potential into collective success, ensuring that New York and its global partners remain at the forefront of life sciences innovation.

Presenting “Evolution of the New York City Life Sciences Market” Report at Savilles in London

The journey of Builds Bio+ reflects a dynamic evolution from addressing basic infrastructure needs to fostering international collaborations. It’s a narrative of growth, partnership, and innovation — principles that continue to guide us as we move forward, shaping the future of life sciences globally.


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