Adrienne Jane Burke

Adrienne Jane Burke | Editorial Consultant

Adrienne Jane Burke is a writer, editor, curator, and content strategist specialized in science, technology, and startups.

In her 20+-year career as a journalist she has been founding editor of the b2b magazine Genome Technology, editorial director at, executive editor of the New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, creator of the Science & the City event series and director of public outreach at the New York Academy of Sciences, and director of external relations for the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science. As owner of Genomic Society Consulting in 2004, she provided market research to the international biotechnology industry and spent three months in India reporting on the bio-IT outsourcing trend.

Today she is a senior contributing editor to Techonomy, a small business columnist for Yahoo, and an editorial consultant for a variety of businesses and publications. She is also coauthoring a book on professional management with business expert Ed Eppley.

Adrienne holds a B.A. from Boston College and lives in Easton, Conn., where she spends her free time hiking, biking, kayaking, and cultivating a large vegetable garden with her small family.

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