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In order to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems, we are committed to delivering scientific and medical breakthroughs by facilitating advancement in research and technological innovation in biology.

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For more than 20 years, Nancy J Kelley + Associates has demonstrated unparalleled excellence in providing strategic, operational, legal, and financial management services in the healthcare, life science and research industries.

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Our knowledge base includes an in-depth understanding of the legal, business, government, non-profit and academic sectors. We have experience in every function of building, growing and scaling strategic initiatives and organizations.

What is synthetic biology? Why is it important?


Our clients trust us to help them confront their most challenging issues.


  • The Right Approach

    “Please accept my thanks for the development of McLean Hospital land… Our collaborative effort with the Town over the past three years was the right approach to negotiating a development plan with benefits for both the Town and McLean Hospital. We take great pride in the open and direct planning process we pursued with the people of Belmont.”

    Bruce M. Cohen, MD, PhD
    President, McLean Hospital
    Professor, Harvard Medical School

    From an Idea to Reality

    “Nancy J. Kelley was instrumental in nurturing the New York Genome Center from an idea to a reality, to the inestimable benefit of scientific research and New York City.”

    Russ Carson and Ivan Seidenberg
    Co-Chairs of the NYGC Board of Directors

    The East River Science Park

    “The development of the East River Science Park…. will allow us to take advantage of our enormous scientific base and world-class research institutions to attract both start-up firms and established bioscience companies to New York City.”

    Michael Bloomberg
    Former Mayor of New York City
    Aug 10, 2006

  • Bridging the Gap between Science & Business

    “Nancy J Kelley & Associates brought a collaborative approach and strategic perspective that bridged the gap between science and business to launch a successful personalized genomic medicine company for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Their ability to coordinate a series of complex partnerships across a broad array of scientific and technological disciplines was invaluable to the success of the venture.”

    Donald Trump, MD, FACP
    CEO and Executive Director
    Inova Comprehensive Cancer Research Institute
    Inova Health System
    CEO Emeritus and Professor of Oncology
    Roswell Park Cancer Institute

    In-depth Knowledge

    “Nancy J Kelley brought an experienced, multi-disciplinary team with in-depth knowledge of medical genomics and the changing nature of diagnostic testing to assist Roswell Park Cancer Institute in forming and spinning out an advanced diagnostic testing commercial venture, thereby positioning RPCI to be a real player in the field of cancer genomics.”

    Candace Johnson, PhD
    President and CEO, Roswell Park Cancer Institute
    Cancer Center Director
    Chair, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
    Wallace Family Chair of Translational Research  

  •  A Proven Big Thinker in Science

    “When the Sloan Foundation decided to fund a strategic planning process for synthetic biology in the US, we turned to Nancy J Kelley & Associates, a proven big thinker in science.  Their expertise in the public, private, and academic life sciences sectors allowed them to conduct the most in-depth evaluation of the fledgling global synthetic biology landscape to date. The depth and breath of their work led them to identify a specific, concrete plan for the future of this science and a much-needed center of excellence in synthetic biology.”

    Paula Olsiewski, PhD
    Program Director
    Alfred P Sloan Foundation

     Dedicated Service
    “The Board of Selectmen and Belmont Town Meeting thank Nancy J Kelley for her dedicated service to the Town on the McLean Hospital Task Force and recognize her significant contributions to the long term benefits for the Town of Belmont. The McLean Land Use Plan will benefit the Town for generations by controlling development on the site, protecting over 100 acres of open space… The work of the Task Force was ultimately endorsed through support of the land use plan by a unanimous vote of the Board of Selectmen, by a two-thirds vote of the Town Meeting and a vote of 69% of the Town’s electorate.”

    Proclamation from the Belmont Board of Selectmen,
    Town of Belmont, to Nancy J Kelley,
    April 26, 2000

  • New Level of Professionalism

    “The 2015 Sc2.0 conference held at the New York Genome Center was the biggest and best meeting of our research consortium to date. Nancy J Kelley & Associates took the event to an entirely new level of professionalism and prominence, attracting nearly 200 scientists from over 8 countries, numerous new sponsors and press coverage. We look forward to working with them again in 2016.”

    Jef D. Boeke
    Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
    Founding Director, The Institute for Systems Genetics
    NYU Langone Medical Center

    Invaluable Resource for a Successful Launch

    “When I decided to start the Biodesign Challenge, Nancy J Kelley & Associates was the natural choice as a partner. Knowledgeable and highly experienced in all aspects of start-up organizations, their team was an invaluable resource for helping launch and finance a successful organization and a successful project.”

    Dan Grushkin
    Founder, Biodesign Challenge